No words else...

I know you love me 
And you know too
But never forget I love you
‘cause that’s the truth

A captain on the mirror
Against everything is bad
I know that he want you
To drive his life

A captain with a guard
smiling him every time
will be a reason for want his
Love by his side

A mirror where I can watch me every time
You are my mirror
And you are that guard
I know it, you know it
Everybody knows that

What pleasure is to have
A person in a life
Which I can speak honestly
With freedom, simply lovely
As crazy as shy
But the best person to trust

You are…
My lover, my friend, some wishes
(The meaning of love you know)
My sight, my heart, my living
(You are special for me too)
Good morning princess
Take the gift I’m giving

You are not all for me
But you are that piece
That gives it sense sometimes
And I need you in my life

Maybe I ‘m crazy
For saying this
Maybe I’m crazy
For being fool
Maybe I am crazy
For love you

What kind of spell
Did you make in my heart
Where I was there
And you gave me that hug?

That place where your hands
Cannot stop to tremble
Where you, like an angel
Changed your tears to smiles

Anyway, this is strange, I’m sure…
I know your friendship is what I want
But something in me fell in love
The time I met and kissed you

Thanks for all this, thanks for all.
Thanks for the “fire proof”
Now there’s a thing I aware of

Guess it: I love you


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